Very fun tour

It’s always fun to ride a Segway, and Baikas showed us beautiful places of Mazatlan. Carlos, our guide, was super enthusiastic, and gave us great facts about the history of the city. I recommend to ride Mazatlan in a Segway from Baikas.

[5 of 5 bubbles] ​Reviewed 3 weeks ago via mobile 


Super Activity for Family

My son and his family including two 16 and 19 year old boys took this tour Friday. They were absolutely thrilled with the entire experience. Starting with the training and safety. After ensuring that all four were comfortable riding the Segway they were on their way up the Malecon. The English speaking guide provided a lot of information regarding the city and its history. The tour included visits to the Cathedral, the Market and Machado Plaza. Along the way they stopped to experience the area and he would tell them about it.

Along the way he was concerned with their safety and made sure crossing streets and navigating the terrain was without incident.

When they returned to the starting point on Olas Altas they were so enthused about the entire experiece. They said they would highly recommend it

[5 of 5 bubbles] Reviewed January 22, 2018 

Evergreen, Colorado

Second tour and took family

We did this tour March 2017 and just did it again January 2018. This time we took our family. It was fun for all the ages in our group from 30 to 67. It's a good experience and faster way to get around the Old Mazatlan. You will go through a training class and when you are comfortable, off you go with your guide. Everyone at Baikas is helpful and friendly. We came in on a cruise, and had it scheduled months in advance. We were able to walk there from the port. There are several taxis available if walking is an issue.

[5 of 5 bubbles] Reviewed January 21, 2018 

Paula L
La Selva Beach, California

Nice way to get around!

Rico took us first to the old town and the town square-very pretty! In fact we came back here later to eat lunch. we them proceeded north on the Malecon and stopped in several places. Nice breezes and great way to cover a lot of ground. I recommend you do this first and then walk to places you want to visit more later. Rico has a passion for what he is doing and is a proud citizen. Only thing that could use improvement is a better bathroom facility-but hey its Mexico!

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Great way to tour Mazatlan

Our family of four enjoyed this tour. Seeing Mazatlan on a segway was both interesting and enjoyable. We covered a lot of ground and being on the segway is tons of fun. We learned a lot about the city and learned about the history and culture of Mazatlan. I highly recommend it. Baikas was very professional and they made riding on a segway very safe.

[5 of 5 bubbles] Reviewed January 2, 2018

Mitchell C. Davis, California

Best way to get around.

I did a Segway tour in Columbia two years ago with my wife, and we both loved it. Had to take my 17yr old Grandson on this one. I knew he'd love it. Very lengthy tour with lots of time (about 2 hours) on the Segway, with plenty of stops. Flying by the "walking traffic". So easy to ride, and really fun. Awesome deal for a small amount of money.

[4 of 5 bubbles] Reviewed April 11, 2017


Great Way To See Old Town

We were on a cruise and booked this tour on our own. It's a short 5-10 min. taxi ride (about $6US) from "outside" the terminal. We booked early the AM tour to avoid the street crowds and before it got too warm.

When we arrived Rico was set up and waiting for us. It was just the 2 of us and we are familiar with segways, so after a re-orientation we were set to go. Rico took us on a tour of the Old Town and the surrounding residential areas, then we down the Marina for fishing and beach area. We definitely saw and covered more areas than we would have on foot or in a vehicle. 

Rico is very knowledge and loves to share the history of the area and answer any questions. After we finished our tour we headed back to the areas where we wanted to spend more time exploring.

The segway are definitely fun experience and a great way to see Mazatlan.

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Fairfield, California

Don't Miss this Opportunity 

We went on this Segway tour with the goal of learning more about Mazatlan AND to have fun riding a Segway. It was even better than I hoped! Rigo was. Wonderful guide who clearly knew and loved the area. He took us through Old Town and down the Malecon, stopping periodically to talk about areas of interest. Twice we had to cross a busy street, so we stopped and he walked our individual Segways across the street to ensure safety. I highly recommend this trip.

[5 of 5 bubbles] Reviewed March 12, 2017

Eagan, Minnesota

4.5 Stars, super fun segways!

I would say 4.5 stars:
+ Rodrigo was great at teaching you how to ride the segways and motoring around the streets.
+ Super fun machines to ride. Would do it again!
+ A great way to see Mazatlan, you can see so much more in 2 hours on a segway than you could walking. And less dangerous than biking through the streets IMO.
+ He opened up a booking for us, and we happened to be the only 2 people, so it was like a private tour. 

To be improved:
- I would have liked more information on the different buildings and sights around town. I felt there was quite a bit of information lacking, but that being said, Rodrigo said he's only been doing these tours for a month now. If you go with the mindset of wanting an informative city tour on segways, you may be slightly disappointed, but if you have the mindset of wanting to just see the city and ride segways and any info is bonus, you'll be very happy.

[5 of 5 bubbles] Reviewed February 23, 2017 

Brianne H​

Segway fun in Mazatlan!

This was my first trip to Mazatlan so I wanted to take a tour of Old Town to get my bearings. I was originally going to do the bicycle tour but, when I noticed that they also had Segway tours, I had to choose that option as I had been on one before. They are super-fun to ride and easy to learn how. Rodrigo provided excellent instruction on their use and was a great tour guide, taking me through places of interest in Old Town and along the Malecon. I highly recommend this company, and particularly the Segway tour. These machines are a real thrill, and the tour guiding is excellent!

[5 of 5 bubbles] Reviewed February 21, 2017 

Saskatoon, Canada

Old Town Segway Tour a perfect introduction to Mazatlan

My husband, almost-13-year-old daughter, and I took the Segway Tour with Baikas. Rodrigo was our guide - his English was excellent, and he and his partner made sure everyone in our group (another couple also joined our tour) was well-trained and comfortable on the Segway before we got started on the tour. Never having been on a Segway before, my whole family was a little nervous about whether we would be able to do it. It was pretty easy to get the hang of it, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it - in no small part due to the Baikas team who clearly had trained many people before us! 

The first half of the tour was through the Old Town, which was a perfect place to Segway with minimal traffic. The second half of the tour was way down the Malecon, with terrific views of the ocean and beach. Traveling to Mazatlan just on the eve of Carnival provided the added bonus of seeing all the massive temporary sculptures placed throughout the city for the event.

My whole family highly recommends this tour! The Segways in and of themselves are great fun, and this was a perfect overview of Mazatlan on our first full day here.

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Reading, Massachusetts

What a blast!

Everything about this tour was great! We had good directions from the cruise ship, found the store and the segways were ready and waiting for us. They were top notch and new segways and we had brand new helmets. After some safety information and some great instruction as well as practice on the segways we were off on our tour. Our guide- the owner, was excellent. He showed us so many interesting things and was cheerful and pleasant and most importantly made us feel safe. We had so much fun and it was a wonderful way to really see Mazatlan. If we get back there, it will be the first thing we want to do!

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Great Tour!!!

We had Rodrigo take us on the early tour Feb 13. He is the consumate guide, host and a great person. He spent the time required to make sure everyone was comfortable with a Segway.. He knows his stuff. The tour was a great way to see old town. I highly reccomend this tour...beginners or seasoned Segway vets. Pat,

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"Rodrigo is the bomb!"

[5 of 5 bubbles] Reviewed February 1, 2017 

We had such a wonderful tour on seaways thru the historical district and then just plain fun on the Malecon. Rodrigo made sure we were all comfortable and then off we went. Best excursion of the trip! Strongly recommend it for everyone!

Mankato, Minnesota

"Best way to tour the city"

[5 of 5 bubbles] Reviewed January 29, 2017 

Me, my wife, and our 12 year old daughter thought a Segway tour sounded fun. We found Baika's online. The reviews were good and the price was reasonable so we booked it. This turned out to be our favorite tour of the whole trip. None of us had ever rode a Segway before but our tour guide, Rodrigo, was a great teacher and after 20 minutes of training we were ready for the tour. He was never worried about how much practice time we needed and promised we wouldn't head out till everyone was comfortable. Riding the segways was great but the highlight of the tour was our guide Rodrigo. He took us to great sights and had great knowledge of the history of Mazatlán. This is a great way to tour the city. Thanks Rodrigo.

jeff h​

"Best Excursion! Didn't want it to end!"

[5 of 5 bubbles] Reviewed January 27, 2017 

Taking this Segway tour through Old Mazatlan was a pure delight. Rodrigo had our safety and interest paramount and allowed us to experience the charm and character of the area. So much so, I would LOVE to retire there.
Rodrigo was THE BEST guide and considerate to not only his clients, but to the locals which was wonderful to observe.
As a travel agent, I would - and WILL - highly recommend this tour to any clients.
Thank you again, for such a memorable day.

Lindsay, Canada

"Sweet Ride"

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We had an excellent Segway tour with Rodrigo for our family of 3 adults. He took the time to ensure that everyone was well trained and comfortable with the units, keeping safety first.

For those who haven't ridden one, the Segway becomes like a robotic and very responsive extension of your body, once you get the hang of them. Rod provided us with plenty of breaks and was very informative during our well paced tour. Seeing the divers is something not to be missed!

As one pedestrian said as we passed by on the Malecon, that's a 'sweet ride' - she was right! 

Calgary, Canada

"one of the best excursions!"
[5 of 5 bubbles] Reviewed January 20, 2017 

I am so glad we took this Segwas tour. Rodrgio made sure safely was a priority. He was so nice and friendly. Me, my husband and pre-teen daughter felt very safe,,and rodrigo was always near to help. I can not say enough about how well this tour was and how amazing Rodrigo was! We had a blast! and learned about a bit about the history of Mazatlán, thank you Rodigro. 


Chris H 

“Great Tour of Old Town”
[5 of 5 bubbles] Reviewed December 28, 2016

Our family of five just completed the Segway tour. We were well trained and feeling confident. Our guide and trainer Rodrigo was safety first all the way. Toured the narrow side streets and stopped at a number of historical buildings for a moment to learn about their past. Went to two of the beautiful Plazualas and then out to the Malacon to see the cliff divers. It was great fun and we certainly would do it again. Very professional and safety oriented. Lots of fun!Visited December 2016

Bob W

“Great tour - relaxed informative!”
[5 of 5 bubbles] Reviewed December 18, 2016 via mobile

Rodrigo gave us a great primer on riding the Segways and then we were off! He gave us an old town tour of historical sites, then down the boardwalk. We visited the old fort. Watched the divers. Enjoyed the sun. Great time! Highly recommend this tour - best way to get familiar with Mazatlan and its history. We are going on another tour with them.Visited December 2016

Jim S

“The Best !”
[5 of 5 bubbles] Reviewed November 27, 2016

We were excited beforehand to be on the Segway's and see the old town but were completed blown away at how much fun we had and how enjoyable the city was! Our guide Daniel was home grown and was so relaxed. We would run into his friends and they would all wave and say "Hi" to us all. It was one of the most enjoyable tours our family has ever taken, Their were 6 in our group and it seemed to be a perfect fit! I will be doing this again next time we are in Mazatlán and definitely with Baikas Bikes and Segway Tours. Just very good people.

Mark T

“One of our favorite things to do - don't miss out”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed June 14, 2016 

 I've been traveling to Mazatlan for over 10 years and this is definitely one of my favorite things to do with the family. Not only is the segway tour fun but it's a great way to see the sights and the beauty of the colonial downtown. We went on Friday evening and toured the Malecon, Plaza Machedo, the Lighthouse other top spots. All of the family loved it. The equipment is excellent and our tour guide Anton was fabulous. Highly recommend it. Not to be missed.Visited June 2016

San Jose, California

“Highly recommend this tour”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed May 29, 2016

Rodrigo was an excellent guide and looked after our safety as he lead us through the old town and out onto the Malecon. It was a fun way to see centro and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Take the 2.5 hour tour, it's worth it!Visited May 2016




Vancouver, Canada

“Totally worth it”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed May 18, 2016

We had a great time! Even though we had stayed in Mazatlan we got to see areas of town that were new to us. Excellent tour guide.Visited April 2016




Thompson, Canada

“A trip highlight”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed May 5, 2016

My husband and I went on the Segway tour with the owners and had such a fun time. Our tour guides grew up in the la plazuela area and knew so much about the area. The Segways were a blast! We had never been on them and they were easy to master. This is something we could do many times. Our guides were friendly knowledgeable, and considered our safety. Highly recommend it!Visited April 2016



“Great tour!”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed April 11, 2016

The segway tour is a great way to see so much in a short amount of time. Rodrigo is a great tour guide and very patient with new segway riders! We saw so much of Old Mazatlan and the Malecon I would have otherwise missed. I highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting the area.Visited April 2016




Rock Rapids, Iowa

“Amazing afternoon in el centro and the malecon”
[5 of 5 stars] Reviewed March 30, 2016

Tried the seqway for the first time with friends,fantastic guide/instructor .Nice way to go around in el centro. Wonderful discovery to do here in Mazatlan and will do it again next winter,can't wait!!! Louise Roy Mtl canadaVisited March 2016




​Montreal, Canada